CRO Basics: A/B testing

A/B testing (or split tests) is a technique for increasing your website’s conversion rate (that’s its ability to turn visitors into paying customers). An example If you have two possible headlines for your page and you can’t decide which to use, you can run a A/B test to see which one works best. You create […]

CRO basics: What Conversion Is

In short, it’s not about what the visitor could do. It’s about what the visitor should do. Conversion is to get your visitors to do what you want them to do on a landing page or web site. It could be that the visitor should register, download an application or purchasing a service. It seems […]

Form Analytics – the what, the why, the when

Have you ever tried to fill out a form, but exited because of it being a hazard? I thought so. And guess what; your customers do the same on your site. What if you as a web designer, marketer or e-commerce owner could see exactly which fields in your form, or even if the form is viewed […]

Say hey to Kim Larsen

We are pleased to announce Kim Larsen, a talented graphic designer with a vision. Kim has the magical combination of being both awesome AND friendly (just like the rest of us on RevRise). Kim’s first job will be to produce a new logo and branding for our upcoming apps. Parts of his portfolio Check out […]

The Online Bumper

John have interest thoughts about the bumper we can see in physical stores. I’ve summarized his blog post. The key traits of the Bumper You’ll find it right after you enter the store- It’ll be the first thing you see on your “tour” in the shop. It is usually wide – It is hard to […]